Super Kaden Cape

Super Kaden Cape

Super Kaden Cape

Everyone has a little inner super hero going on. To make Kaden’s cape his and his alone, I digitized his initial in the Superman shield. Then I stitched it out for his Superman pajamas. Or just for playtime. The world can always use another superhero.

Stitching out the embroidery

I used Bernina embroidery software to digitize Kaden’s superhero logo. With the software, I could change lines, adjust size and preview stitch patterns on my computer screen. It was great being able to finish all of that before I began to stitch. Machine embroidery is perfect for stitching out commercial designs, but I enjoy the flexibility and creativity that comes with creating my own designs. I use the software to draw and prepare my motifs. It’s great to be able to preview my end result on screen. I can change thread colors, stitch order and more before I even turn on my sewing machine.

I used two thicknesses of tear away embroidery stabilizer. Stabilizer supports the design in the machine during stitching. The stabilizer adds a foundation to the featured fabric and prevents shifting and puckering. My biggest machine embroidery challenge? Lining up the fabric and stabilizer in the hoop to keep it taut and secure. It takes practice, but if I am patient with myself I can make it happen!

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