Stones Wrapped in Wire

Jan Thompson Wire wrapped stone

Stones Wrapped in Wire

Since learning how to wrap stone in wire, I don’t look at any pebble, rock or stone the same way. I look to see what color metal will work best, or possibly a combination of metals.

Jan Thompson Wire wrapped stone
Jan Thompson Wire wrapped stone

Each stone is unique and an amazing variation in color, movement and texture generously provided by mother nature. Flat-backed cabochons are perfect for the jewelry I love to make.

Contributed by Jan Thompson

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A little more about Jan:

When asked why I make jewelry, quilts, wall hangings… anytime I am making something…I do it because I must….

Learning new techniques and putting them to use in unique ways is a driving force for me. Jumping from quilting to painting to jewelry and back is evidence of my need to do multi-dimensional work. At least with this addiction I have an end product that I can keep, give away or sell.

Jan Thompson

When I create, I use all my senses, I dream of things to make, I doodle and draw out those ideas, I enjoy the ‘making’ and it makes my heart sing regardless of the outcome. There are even times when I literally blow myself away with what I accomplished.

So when asked for an artist statement the best I can do is…. I create because I must!

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