Spotlight: Kim Flodin, The Coloring Book Coach

I am capable and worthy coloring page

Spotlight: Kim Flodin, The Coloring Book Coach

Kim Flodin, The Coloring Book Coach, helps people work out stress through meditative strokes of color on a page. Her empowering designs, along with her interactive forum, support people through difficult times with joyful color.

Kim Flodin: TCBC_bubble

Tell us a little bit about you and what you do. How did you get started and how long have you been doing it?

I’m The Coloring Book Coach and have been doing that for about a year. It all started for me in 2012. I was in a very stressful time so I started drawing as a form of tension relief… eventually those drawings grew into over 25 coloring books for adults. The Coloring Book Coach grew from a desire to support and empower people like myself, those who might be struggling and dealing with excessive stress and wanting and wishing for the support and encouragement of like-minded and accepting people.

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What inspires you? Are there recurring themes in your work?

My recurring themes are positive words… much of my artwork contains at least one positive word in it. And, all of my work feels encouraging to me and always has. The art moved me forward at a time in my life when I didn’t have a lot of hope and I feel it still does that, for me and for others.

How many projects do you have going at once? Or are you one of those kind of people who only works on one creative project at a time?

Too many! My Coach (the delightful Catherine Behan of jokes that I have bright, shiny object syndrome and often drift out of my own lane! Right now, I have about three or four fun products I’m pulling together for The Coloring Book Coach community and so far I’m staying in my lane. But that could all change at a moment’s notice! LOL.

I am capable and worthy coloring page

What was the most challenging force that you encountered on your creative journey? What did you learn from it?

I love this question! I was on a challenging journey when I started drawing in 2012. The challenge was the journey. The answer was the art. What I learned was to trust the voice that said find something to do with your hands – find a hobby. I loved drawing when I was a young girl and I’m so happy I found my way back to it, even if it required a challenging journey.

When you begin to create, do you have a finished product in mind?

Not really, I’m a doodler. I sort of just draw and it turns into what it’s supposed to be.

Do you create with the intent to send a message? If so, how important is it that your audience understands the message?

Yes, but it’s subtle. All my art is encouraging. It’s not important if they understand the message so much as they feel the support behind the art.

What do you do differently? What is your signature? Where does the magic happen?

I’m going to answer this from the viewpoint of The Coloring Book Coach. I take my love and gratitude for my art and combine it with my passion to help support and empower people to be their best selves. I am The Coloring Book Coach, a coach who uses coloring, and more, to help people.

Coloring Book Clubhouse

The magic happens in The Coloring Book Clubhouse, an exclusive members-only, 24/7 live stream where coloring book fans worldwide hang out, inspire and encourage one another. It’s a place to meet fun new people, create lasting friendships and find support and acceptance among like-hearted people. The Coloring Book Clubhouse is sort of like the secret tree houses and blanket forts we loved as kids. It’s a place where miracles happen and where you can find a friend when you need one.

Here are what some of The Coloring Book Clubhouse members have to say:

“The Colouring Book Coach is an incredible woman and the Clubhouse is an amazing place to be! I love the camaraderie that exists there with the other members. In a short amount of time I found online friendships and support while struggling with my mental health issues.

I am accepted there and this group has become my tribe.

I love Kim’s easy going positive attitude and there’s only one rule in the Clubhouse – no complaining. At first I found that challenging as I found an outlet. Yet this is a safe space and I don’t feel the need to contaminate it with any negativity. Kim keeps this place safe and respectful to us all and we all get a chance to share our thoughts while we do live colour alongs. I look forward to this every month and if I can’t make a session then I can go into the group files and access the colouring pages.

Kim’s intuition is spot on and she’s been a Godsend to me and so many others. ❤”

– Jeanine

“The Clubhouse to me is my go-to for really anything…

If I have a coloring? Ask and I will get the answer and might even learn new technique.

Or If I’m down and out from bad day, just reading what other people share can sometimes get my mind off things or give me the courage to be brave and tell about my own bad day and WHOA!!! The tidal wave of support that then hits me actually makes me cry at times.

Then there’s The Coloring Book Coach, Kim, who remembers just about everything important to the members – even the smallest of things – which can make all the difference in someone’s world. What seems small to one is a mountain to another.

It’s a wonderful group of “cuties” that I’m now proud to call friends. 🙂 I love the weekly Color Alongs, even though I’m quiet myself during these events, I enjoy the time every week.”

– Erica

Tell us about your blog and/or website.

My website is where I offer an energetic overview for the upcoming week. I release that every Sunday morning as part of My Colors of Your Week series, which includes the energy report, a specially chosen color palette and coloring sheet for that week. The complete kit is a Clubhouse perk. The energetic report is released and emailed to my list and on Facebook weekly.

Color Cover Sniply

I offer a free coloring book with a puzzle to solve at It’s a fun book with clues and coloring pages delivered to you over a series of days.

Daily Love Letter

I also offer a daily email called My Daily Love Letter which includes encouragement, support, tips, surprises and freebies. Or, you can listen to My Daily Love Letter The Podcast, which features short – two minutes or less – episodes to listen to when you need a boost or a smile. Those can be found wherever you listen to podcasts: ITunes, Google Play, Pocket Casts, etc.

And, I’m on Facebook as The Coloring Book Coach,  The Coloring Book Coach Coloring Group and Love Letters from The Coloring Book Coach group.

Do you think that creativity comes naturally to people – or do you think creativity is a skill that people must develop?

I definitely think we are all naturally creative but we are stripped of it somewhat as we go through the educational system. I think the coloring book craze is about getting back to that creativity and the feeling of those simpler (and more creative) times in our lives.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Be true to yourself.

What do you hope the next year will bring?

My dream is for many more people to find The Coloring Book Coach and take advantage of the magic of The Clubhouse and the other fun things The Coloring Book Coach has to offer.

Interview posted March, 2018.

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