Handmade Beaded and Embroidered Felt Christmas Retro Ornaments

Retro Felted Christmas Ornament

Handmade Beaded and Embroidered Felt Christmas Retro Ornaments

Every year I make ornaments for family and friends, with a theme for my Christmas wrapping. Everyone knows which packages came from me — they have the same wrapping theme and similar ornaments. Since I need to mail most of my gifts, it makes it easy for me to sit down, power out and get everything wrapped the first week of December, so everything can be shipped to arrive in plenty of time. Here are some of the retro ornaments I’ve made over the years.

Classic Sequin and Felt Retro Ornaments

I cut out the red felt in an ornament shape. Then had fun with beads and sequins. After beading it, I hand stitched the red felt to the turquoise felt, so that my stitches didn’t show on the back. As I was stitching them together, I sandwiched the gold ribbon hanger between the red and turquoise felts.

Felt ornaments with sequins and beads

Each ornament I made a little bit differently, with different bead combinations. They were easy little projects to take with me while traveling before Christmas. Here is the wrapping, ribbon and ornament theme for this year!

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Retro ornaments decorate a package

Embroidered Felt Christmas Ornament

It’s also fun to just freehand some embroidery on felt shapes to make homemade Christmas retro ornaments. All you need are some felt squares, embroidery floss and needles! Have some fun making quick and easy retro embroidered felt Christmas ornaments! Make any shape, color or theme easily with some felt, embroidery floss, a little piece of ribbon and some poly fill.

First, I cut a basic ornament shape from felt, then I added a variety of embroidery stitches.

I started with two rows of chain stitch.

Chain stitch on a felt ornament

Then I added some stem stitch lines — not too straight! Sigh. Maybe I should have marked them? I think I need more practice! I haven’t been embroidering for a long time, and it is showing!

Added stem stitch to the ornament

To try to fill the space and add more interest, I added some French knots.

Added some French knots to the ornament

And, then added some embroidered stars in the middle.

Added some embroidered stars

Finally, the finished ornament design! I don’t think it looks too wonky all finished.  Does it?

I added a little poly fill stuffing, then sewed the backing on with a blanket stitch.

The finished retro embroidered felt ornament

Gingerbread Embroidered Felt Christmas Retro Ornament

Nothing sweeter than a little homemade gingerbread man! I had fun making this Embroidered Felt Gingerbread Ornament! My stitches aren’t the best, but the unperfected stitching gives him a little personality!

I free hand cut out two gingerbread shapes from brown felt, one for the front and one for the back. I wanted him to have a heart, so cut out a little red heart to appliqué on his front.

Started with sewing on his little heart with the blanket stitch.

Beginning a Gingerbread ornament

I added eyes and mouth in black thread, and later changed to white and red . . as the black was hard to see.

And, some green buttons were added with the French knot stitch.

Eye, mouth and buttons added to the gingerbread ornament

And, the finished embroidered felt gingerbread ornament! With the eyes and mouth changed, and a running stitch to sew the front and back together, filled with a little poly fill.

Finished gingerbread retro ornaments

Embroidered Snowflake Felt Stocking Retro Ornament

A quick and easy (and fun) embroidered snowflake felt stocking ornament is to make! All you need are some felt scraps, embroidery thread and a small piece of ribbon — and make some embroidered felt ornaments!

First of all, cut felt out in the shapes you want. I start with only cutting out the shapes for the front, and then cut the back after I complete my embroidery.

I started with my stocking shape, and embroidered the stars first. There are several ways to embroider stars. I find a center point, then make stitches into that point.

Beginning a snow flake stocking ornament

It’s easier to see in this image to make stitches into a center point. For an embroidered star you need to make at least 8 stitches, but can do more!

Making a star stitch on the ornament

Here is the finished embroidered star, and I decided to add some V shaped embroidery stitches (fly stitch) at the ends so they look more like snowflakes.

Adding the ends to each of the snowflakes

Ta-da! One embroidered snowflake complete!

First snowflake is complete on this ornament

Look! Three snowflakes!

Three snowflakes are stitched on the ornament

The stocking needed a cuff, so I added one.

Stocking cuff added

I stitched three snowflakes and a cuff for my finished Embroidered Snowflake Stocking Ornament. When the top embroidery was complete, I cut a shape for the back and attached front to back with the running stitch.

Finished stocking retro ornaments with embroidered snowflakes

Another Embroidered Stocking Felt Christmas Retro Ornament

I started by cutting out a basic stocking shape from red felt, then cuff and toe & heel pieces from blue, with a little green trim! Getting all of your pieces prepared ahead of time makes it quick and easy to put this ornament together.

Another stocking ornament pieces are cut out

I used a basic running stitch to stitch the heel and toe pieces to the stocking, and the cuff and it’s trim.

Sew the pieces with a basic running stitch to the base

I added chain stitch to form lines like would be like the ribbing on the cuff of a stocking.

Add chain stitch to make it look like a knitted cuff

Here is a picture of the cuff, now all done.

Knitted cuff in chain stitch complete!

I added some French knots to add interest to the edge of the cuff. That’s what I love about making these little ornaments – you can just add different elements to make it yours!

I added some French knots, and about to add some stars

And, some lovely embroidered stars on the stocking, to fill in the body of the stocking with some decorations.

Adding some stars to the body of the stocking retro ornament

I used some blue ribbon for the hanger. Finally, the finished embroidered stocking Christmas ornament, ready for display!

Finished stocking retro ornaments

Traditional Embroidered Felt Christmas Retro Ornament

First, I cut out a traditional ornament shape that I’ve added some great stitches to!

I started with the running stitches to do the laced double running stitch.

Adding some running stitches to a basic felt shap

Then I added the ‘lacing’ to the double laced running embroidery stitch.

Added the lacing for the Laced Whipped Stitch

Was kinda boring. So I added some French knots to the ends of the double laced running stitches — now it pops some more!

And, added a chain stitch down the middle of the ornament.

Added some French knots and a chain stitch

Here are French knots on both sides of the laced double running stitch.

All of the French knots are added to the Laced Whipping Stitch

I got into a rhythm making French knots and added them into each of the chain links of the chain stitch.

I added more French knots inside each chain of the chain stitch

And, some little embroidered stars in the wells made by the double laced running stitch!

I added some tiny embroidered stars

Finally, the finished Embroidered Felt Christmas Ornament!

Another finished retro ornaments made from felt

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