Pit Fired Bowl

Pit Fired Bowl

Pit Fired Bowl

This bowl was made by placing a slab of clay into a plaster mold.  Then, after reaching a state drier than leather hard, I burnished the bowl with a spoon making the surface very smooth.

Pit Fired Bowl<br>“/></figure></div><p>The process of pit firing is to build a big fire in a pit and place the bisque fired pieces inside the flames for several hours.  The color is achieved by placing on and around the bowl organic material like cow dung, corn husks, and any other completely dried organic material.  No two pit firings are the same, and no two pit fired objects are the same.</p><div class='code-block code-block-1' style='margin: 8px 0 8px 8px; float: right;'> <amp-ad width=

More about pit firing . . .

Pit firing clay is the original method for baking clay and dates back more than 30,00 years ago. Organic materials are placed in the pit around the item that will be fired to create different colors and patterns on the piece. The process is generally done in a hole dug in the ground or a large pit. The item to be fired is placed in the hole or pit with organic materials below and on top of the item, and then a fire is built.

For the organic materials, you can use newspapers, yard trimmings and grass clippings, sawdust and a mix of wood scraps. The blend of materials will make each pit fired piece unique.

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