Pattern Weights (or Paper Weights) for SEWers

Pattern weights for SEWers

Pattern Weights (or Paper Weights) for SEWers

Love these pattern weight kits made by Sue Pelton! She started making them as a fundraiser for a creative group of women that I am happy to call my ‘tribe’, the Off Grain Stitchers. I was so excited to receive a full set of her kits in the mail, and couldn’t wait to make them up!

Pattern weights for SEWersSue designed the fabric herself, and admits the first pattern weight kits she made were printed on fabric from her home computer, but wanted better quality prints. So she began printing her fabric on Spoonflower for the kits.

Pattern weights for SEWersThe kits come with the basics: front and back fabrics, in addition to the all-important weight pellets. You’ll need thread (you can hand sew or machine sew these) and a little piece of heavy paper or a small funnel so you can add the weights without spilling.

Pattern weights for SEWers
Begin by sewing around the circle and leave about a 1″ opening. This is where you’ll pour the weighted filling material into the pattern weight.

Pattern weights for SEWersTake your piece of heavy paper and make a little funnel to fit into the opening you left. Then fill with the weights provided.

Pattern weights for SEWersYou can see the weights are all in! Carefully go back to the sewing machine (or hand sew) the opening closed. Make sure to not spill the weights — they go everywhere! Want to ask me how I know? 🙂

Pattern weights for SEWersSew around the edges about three times, so the seam is nice and secure. You don’t want your seams to burst while you’re laying out and cutting a pattern.

Pattern weights for SEWersHere are all the weights, ready to be trimmed and then use as pattern or paper weights!

The finished Pattern (or paper) Weights for SEWers! I love the designs and they are just the perfect size!Pattern weights for SEWers

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