Rustic Pallet Bench

Pallet Bench

Rustic Pallet Bench

Wanting a rustic bench for the country, I decided a bench from old pallets was just what I wanted.  I started this rustic pallet bench by building a box the dimensions of the seat.

Start by deciding the depth and length of the seat. I cut 4 boards the length of the seat, two for the actual seat and 2 for the back. Then I cut 9 boards the depth of the seat, 7 for the actual seat. Build the seat first, by taking two long boards and two short board and nailing them together like a box. Make sure to have the short boards overlap the long boards, so that when you nail down the seat top boards, they are aligned to nail into the long boards.

Then, make the seat by nailing the 7 short boards to the box frame.

I added 2×4 for legs in the front inside of the box and on the outside of the box in the back.  Then all that was left to do was nail a the last two long board for the seat back.

I had fun personalizing the bench a bit and used a burning tool and put our “logo” onto the seat back.  Pallet Bench


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