Meet Pearl! An Embroidered Lamb Soft Toy

Finished Pearl Embroidery Softy by Kathy Schmitz

Meet Pearl! An Embroidered Lamb Soft Toy

Such a fun embroidery project! Kathy Schmitz has done it again with her new embroidery patterns “Forest Park Friends”. Pearl Embroidered Lamb Soft Toy pattern includes an iron-on transfer for the design, as well as basic instructions for each of the embroidery stitches used on the project.

the finished tea dyed fabric

Kathy used a Moda Crackle Linen fabric. I’ve been wanting to tea dye some plain muslin, and thought this was the perfect project for some tea dyed fabric! Here’s a post on how to dye fabric with tea.

Kathy designed the patterns so that you piece the back of the animal with a basting stitch. When you finish your embroidery and sew the front to the back you can sew all around the outside edge for a  nice smooth edge, and then take out the basting for turning the animal right side out. This is brilliant! But, if you know me, I went ahead and did the iron on transfer before I read the directions. Next one, I’ll do that – will make it so much easier!

Here I’m ironing the transfer onto the tea dyed fabric. (Note: Make sure to have an old cloth under your primary fabric. The iron on transfer did bleed through the fabric.)

The embroidery stitches were simple – running stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch, daisy stitch, seed stitch and French knots. So the project is perfect to relax in front of your favorite shows or a movie at home.

I used the following threads:

DMC Pearl Cotton in size 8; colors grey 662, khaki 640, brown 898 and coral 900.

To finish the lamb, Kathy uses a chenille yarn around the outside seam. Getting lucky at an estate sale, I was able to pick up a ball of the perfect chenille yarn for next to nothing! I love this finish to the softie — hides any imperfections in the side seams. I carefully hand couched this on the edge.

Here is my finished Pearl Embroidered Lamb Soft Toy! Can’t wait to do more of these great little project from Kathy Schmitz!

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