Make Your Own Picture Magnets

A collection of magnets

Make Your Own Picture Magnets

Picture magnets are easy and fun to make. You can draw pictures, use photos, cut images out of magazines, use any kind of paper or fabric as the design! If you follow my projects on Create Whimsy, you know I love seeing what I can make with things I buy at the local dollar store. These are the glass beads for floral arrangements that are rounded on one side and flat on the other. Here is how to make your own picture magnets!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Fabric, magazines, paper, markers, crayons to make the image for the magnet
  • Glass beads with one flat bottom (from the floral department)
  • Magnet tape, can be purchased at your local hardware or craft store — the hardware store is cheaper

This is a perfect project with kids. Draw some circles on a piece of paper to add a design. Here we drew some hearts and filled them in with different colors.

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Circles that are filled in with drawings to make the magnets

Cut the circles out. Put a little Mod Podge on the flat side of the glass bead, and a little on the right side of the colored circle of paper. Put the right side of the paper on the flat side of the bead and spread with your finger so that all of the air bubbles come out.

Put Mod Podge on the glass bead and a little on your decorated circle

They’ll look cloudy and messy until they dry. Let them dry at least overnight. I love using my craft sheet. The glue that spills out peels right off the mat!

Here they are glued. They dry clear.

Here they are all dry, and ready for a magnet! Cut a piece of the magnet tape that fits on the back of the glass bead. The bigger the magnet, the stronger the magnet. Peel off the sticky back, and put the magnet on the back of the glass bead – and you have a custom picture magnet!

When the Mod Podge is dry, add a small piece of magnet tape

If you want your magnets to have ‘clean’ backs, before adding the magnet, paint them with an acrylic paint and let it dry. If you are in a hurry and don’t care what the back looks like, just add your magnet and don’t take the time!

We got on a roll, and made all of these custom magnets and used less than a full bag of the glass beads — so less than $1 for all of these magnets! My fridge is full! It’s so much fun to make your own picture magnets.

A collection of magnets

Here are close-ups of the dollar store glass bead magnets. Here are ones made with letters cut out of magazines.

Letter magnets

Here are custom magnets that we drew a heart with sharpies on paper and filled in:

Heart Picture Magnets

These custom magnets we made with pictures from a magazine, all plant and floral focused.

Variety of interesting textures on these magnets

These custom magnets used pictures of people we cut out of magazine, but you can make them from real pictures of your friends and family, too!

Face picture magnets

The ‘eyes’ have it with these magnets made from facial features found in magazine ads.

Face picture magnets

Stickers make it easy to have a cute design on your magnets. These were plastic stickers and took WEEKS to dry – just beware when you use stickers.

Using stickers as the picture on these magnets

And, you can either write or cut out words and make magnets to write phrases, sentences or stories on your fridge!

Use words for the magnets

Making your own custom magnets with glass beads from the dollar store is easy, and seriously addicting. We were like – what else can we cut up and mod podge to the glass bead!  I’d love to see what you make!

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