Make Your Own Napkin Rings

birds and burlap napkin rings

Make Your Own Napkin Rings

I love napkin rings. There is something to a beautifully set table, with cloth napkins in a napkin ring to set the stage. It’s easy to make your own napkin rings from things around the house, or finds from your local dollar store. No need to have to purchase expensive ones from a decorator shop.

Birds and Burlap Napkin Rings

Birds & burlap are a perfect combination for a table any time of year! Found these little clip-on birds at the dollar store and just had to have them! And, the roll of burlap ribbon was another dollar store find!

I just cut enough ribbon to tie a knot around the napkin. Not too tight of a knot, so that it is easy to take the napkin out. Then, cut the ends of the burlap with a nice V shape and added the clip on bird.

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So easy, and I think these bird and burlap napkin rings turned out so cute!

birds and burlap napkin rings

Here is a close up of the napkin ring.

birds and burlap napkin rings close up

I think these are perfect for a spring party. Then I used more of the burlap ribbon as a tie around the base of the dollar store cake stand that I made to add height to the center of the table.

Shabby Chic Napkin Rings

These shabby chic napkin rings are super easy, and can be made for any event. Just save your paper towel rolls, and pick up some stickers. Of course, I picked up the pack of stickers at the local dollar store!

Cut the empty towel roll into about 1 1/2-inch pieces.

Cut paper towel roll into about 1-1/2" pieces

Find some stickers that you like or go with your theme for the meal, then put them on the rings. Thread a pretty napkin through and you have a pretty table on the cheap! I like to use brown kraft paper as a table runner.

Add stickers or other decorations

Here are some close up shots of the shabby chic napkin rings.

shabby chic napkin rings close up

And, more. These are quick and easy, and so cute!

Another close up of the shabby chic napkin rings

Pretty in Pink Napkin Rings

Here are pretty in pink napkin rings that I made for a spring brunch.

I cut the flowers off of the flower stem that I bought at the dollar store with some wire cutters I use for making jewelry, and then cut two pieces of the burlap ribbon about 6″ in length. The dollar store has a nice selection of seasonal flowers and greenery, and a lot of great ribbons that can be used for home dec projects.

Gathering supplies for the pretty in pink napkin rings

I sewed the burlap into rounds and then glued the flower on the burlap napkin ring!  So easy, and I’m happy with the finished look of my pink flower napkin rings! Two done, so now to make the rest. For the picture, I put some of the same flowers into a vase — so I might need to go back to the store and buy some more $1 stems of flowers for the brunch!

So pretty! Napkin rings on the table

And, here is a close-up of my pretty in pink flowered napkin rings!

pretty in pink napkin rings close up

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