Magnolia Salad/Dessert Plates

Magnolia Salad/Dessert Plates

Magnolia Salad/Dessert Plates

This is a series of 6 small Magnolia Salad/Dessert Plates. Each one is made from Columbia White clay and glazed with ACG clear on top with Orbide on the outside rim.

Finished magnolia salad/dessert plate

I used a dinner sized paper Chinet plate as my mold for the rolled out slab. I trimmed the edges when leather hard with a hand rasp purchased at the hardware store.

Another finished magnolia plate

My favorite flower, the magnolia, inspired the design. Each plate shows a different stage of development for the magnolia flower from bud to seed. Sadly, one plate fell from a counter and broke.

Magnolia bud on a plate

I used mishima for the design. Mishima is a technique for putting sharp lines in clay. This is done by taking a sharp blade – I used an Exacto knife – to cut lines on drier-than-leather-hard clay. Once the lines are cut and cleaned, colored slip is brushed over the lines and left to dry to harder-than-leather-hard. Using a metal rib, I scraped away the green slip leaving wonderfully clean lines in the clay.

Full flower magnolia plate

After bisque firing, I added additional color using underglazes that theoretically could withstand the temperatures of a cone 10 firing. I also used stains for shadowing. Some of the colors came out and others did not. The lighter the color, the more it washed out in the glaze firing.

The magnolia bud begins to open on this plate

I enjoy my magnolia salad/dessert plates and I hope to remake the broken plate someday.

Sadly, the broken magnolia salad/dessert plate

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