Ceramic Magnolia Juicer

Magnolia Juicer

Ceramic Magnolia Juicer

I don’t know why I decided to do this project beyond that I love magnolia flowers and thought the shape of the blossom was reminiscent of an orange juicer — my ceramic magnolia juicer!

Ceramic Magnolia Juicer
Base underglaze complete

I used terra cotta clay to make the ceramic magnolia juicer, and once assembled coated the whole thing in white slip. After bisque firing, I applied two different brands of white underglaze to the petals. Green and blue/green underglaze went over the leaves with a brown applied to the underside. To keep the green from touching the white in the tight spaces, I ripped pieces of paper to use as temporary barriers. Using watered down yellow and tan underglazes I toned the petals as well. The final step was the clear crackle glaze.

After the final firing
After final firing

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