Magic Marbling

Finished magic marbling mug!

Magic Marbling

Decorate an unused piece of ceramics or something you pick up at the store into a decorative piece quickly and easily. All you need is something to marble, nail polish, and a disposable container large enough to submerse your item(s), and you’ll be doing some magic marbling!

Gathering supplies for magic marbling on mugs


  • Cups
  • Nail polish
  • Disposable container

We used coffee cups from Dollar Tree to make gifts.

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I put newspaper on my counter as I had a five year old helper.

Next put enough water in the container to submerse the item(s) you wish to marble. Pour in nail polish and stir to form the pattern you wish. Use a straw or skewer to stir so you can throw them away. Inexpensive polish works well. Old polish that is beginning to dry does not spread well, so invest some new ones.

Stir the nail polish into water

Dip the item(s) into the water and rotate to get the desired effect.

Dip the mugs into the water and move around to swirl the nail polish onto the mug

Place on newspaper to dry.

Your marbled items can be gifts as ours were. Or you can make some to decorate your home. Try it! It is fun!

Finished magic marbling mug!

Another finished marbled mug!

Magic marbling can be done with children, as I did here, or you can create a piece that is a bit more refined as an adult. It is quick, fun, and easy!

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