Kids Make Special Father’s Day Gifts!

Carved leather bracelet

Kids Make Special Father’s Day Gifts!

Kids make the most memorable Father’s Day gifts! On some future day, when you’re looking over the creations the kids have made, you’ll have a timeline of their artistic development, and it will make you smile! Small hands play a big role in making these lasting gifts!

Carved leather bracelet

While an adult does the sharp-tool carving for younger kids, it replicates the child’s heartfelt message. A Carved Leather Bracelet is made from items in the leather craft section of the craft store. Lil Blue Boo finishes the masculine bracelet with leather paint that emphasizes the kiddo’s design.

Coffee Cozy for Dad

Sewing School’s Coffee Cozy for Dad is an easy beginning sewing project. The basic hand stitches on felt can spell out a message as well as illustrate Dad’s favorite things. Felt doesn’t fray, so it’s very forgiving for a beginning stitcher.

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Decorated golf balls

Permanent markers are available in so many colors! You can use the whole rainbow or focus on Dad’s favorite team colors to make Decorated Golf Balls. Laughing Kids Learn recommends using a disposable box lid as an artist’s tray. Be forewarned – with kids and markers, some ink will stray beyond the intended target, so the artist should wear old clothes or an apron.

handprint t-shirt

For the dad who needs to spiff up his wardrobe, what could be better than a “hand” made t-shirt? The kids can join forces to make this Handprint T-Shirt for Father’s Day. Coffee Cups & Crayons shows you how to transform a plain t-shirt into a fatherly fashion statement with fabric paints and markers.

Batik resist pillows

This kid-friendly “batik” process uses gel school glue as the resist for fabulous fabric paint colors. Younger kids will need help sewing their Fabric Resist Art Pillows, but older kids can stitch these up themselves – easy straight seams! If Dad doesn’t need a pillow, Meri Cherry says that this process produces fabric art suitable for framing.

Homemade barbecue sauce

Is Dad King of the Grill? How about some Homemade Barbecue Sauce made from a kid-friendly recipe? In this tutorial, you’ll see the real kids behind Inner Child Fun stirring up a gift for Dad that the whole family can enjoy!

memory box

Sometimes the most memorable gifts are the ones that remind us of events and experiences. A Simple Memory Box can hold small mementos of good times shared with Dad. Let JB Mum of One show you how!

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