Jeans Remake – Ribbon & Button Hem

Jeans Remake – Ribbon & Button Hem

So, I found these cute toile jeans on a clearance rack, and they fit and were super comfortable, except for the length. Even though I see pants at a variety of lengths on other people that I think are really cute, I’m just not comfortable wearing the above-the-ankle look myself. I keep wanting to tug at my pants, and I hate tugging at my pants! Time for a Jeans Remake – Ribbon & Button Hem!

My Creative Clothing class came to the rescue in the form of an assignment – do something with ribbons on a garment. I thought that maybe I could add an illusion of length with ribbon. And if that didn’t work, well, I could always whack off some of the length and turn the jeans into capris.

I decided to make kind of a fringe with ribbon, but not too flouncy. I found the perfect ribbon in a clearance bin (score!). After cutting lengths of about 2 inches, I decided I didn’t want rectangles of ribbon bouncing around my ankles. So I trimmed each end into a point. To prevent fraying, I singed the cut edges with an Ultra Thread Zapper that I use to get super-clean, non-fraying cuts on nylon beading thread. That was fabulous! I had super control when finishing the cut edges of the ribbon, and now my points will stay pointy!

I spaced my little ribbon chunks evenly around the hem of my jeans. Then I topstitched the upper edges so that the points would not curl away from the fabric.

Cute, but didn’t seem done. Buttons. Needed buttons. I had a grab bag of small black and gray buttons leftover from another project. So I stitched a hodge-podge of buttons to the upper ends of my ribbon fringe. I LOVE my “new” jeans! They’re cute as a button (haha), and now they fool me into believing that they reach my ankles!


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