How To Make A Bucket Hat With Kraft-Tex

Finished Kraft-tex hat with brim up

How To Make A Bucket Hat With Kraft-Tex

Kraft-Tex is a versatile product that is sews like fabric, made out of paper and acts like leather. So it’s perfect to make a water resistant hat! This bucket hat with Kraft-Tex is perfect for my new grandson to shade his eyes and protect him from rain.

If you haven’t sewn with Kraft-Tex before, I would not recommend this as your first project. Given the nature of the material, it is stiff, and that can make it difficult to work with on curved seams that need ease. I’ve changed the sewing process to accommodate for that feature of Kraft-Tex. As you read through the directions, you’ll see directions to sew curved seams in sections. To sew the hat sides to the top, and the brim to the hat, I recommend sewing those sections partially. Then complete the second side seam and finish sewing the pieces together. With this process, you won’t need to ease the curved seams and you can make sure everything fits perfectly.

I used this bucket hat pattern by Made By Jack’s Mum. I’ve made it several other times out of other fabrics and it is great pattern. Making a bucket hat with Kraft-Tex doesn’t require lining or seam finishing, so it is a really quick project.

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Finished Kraft-tex hat with brim up
Yield: 1

How to Make a Bucket Hat with Kraft-Tex

Active Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Kraft-Tex is durable and water resistant, which makes it a perfect material to make a hat. It is stiff enough that the brim can stay up or down, depending on the look you want.


  • One package Kraft-Tex, sapphire blue
  • Thread to blend, or contrast - whatever your preference
  • Pattern: Sandcastle Bucket Hat by Jack's Mum


  • Scissors
  • Chalk marker
  • Sewing machine


  1. Start by marking your pattern on your Kraft-Tex fabric. For this pattern and the dark color of Kraft-tex, I used a chalk pencil.
  2. Cut out your pattern pieces.Hat pieces cut out
  3. Mark two spots on the top hat pattern piece to align the side panel seams.
  4. Start by sewing your two sides panel for the hat together. ONLY sew one of the seams. You will sew the other seam in Step 9. Because of the stiff nature of Kraft-Tex, I decided to use overlap seams.Sides clipped together and ready to sew
  5. Sew the side panel to the top of the hat. Line the seam with one of the marks on the top piece. Start at the one seam you've sewn and go one direction. Stop about 1" before the halfway mark on the top of the hat.Sewing the hat top to the sides TIP: Sew with the side seam down and the top of the hat up so you can gently curve as you sew.
  6. Sew the from the side seam the other direction until about 1" before the halfway mark.
  7. Take the hat to a work surface and carefully clip the sides so that they will fit the hat top. Kraft-Tex does not ease. It is easier to assemble the hat in segments like this, making sure each piece fits perfectly. Clipping sides to hat top
  8. Here is a picture that shows everything clipped and ready to sew.Clipping the side seam of the hat
  9. Sew the second side seam for the hat sides as marked and clipped. Beginning to sew the side seamNOTE: Kraft-Tex is stiff, this will require some maneuvering. Close up view of sewing the side seam
  10. Trim the excess Kraft-Tex on both sides of the seam.Trimming the excess seam allowance
  11. Once the second side seam is sewn, finish sewing the side panels to the hat top. Finishing the seam between the the top of the hat and the sides
  12. Now we have the sides sewn to the hat top.Hat top and sides sewn together And we're ready to sew on the brim.
  13. Sew the brim the same way as the sides. First sew one of the side seams together.
  14. Line that seam in the brim with one of the side seams. Sewing the brim to the hat
  15. Sew to about 1" from the other side seam.
  16. Sew the other direction from side seam to side seam, to about 1" from the seam.
  17. Take the hat to a working surface, using clips to fit the brim perfectly to the hat.Clipping the second seam on the brim
  18. Sew the second brim seam.
  19. Trim the excess Kraft-Tex from both sides of the seam.Trimming excess Kraft-tex from brim seam
  20. Close the gap and complete sewing the brim to the hat.Clipping the brim to the hat
  21. And, a finished bucket hat made with Kraft-Tex!Finished Kraft-Tex hat with brim down

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