Hammered Wire Earrings with a Drop

Finished Hammered Earrings

Hammered Wire Earrings with a Drop

I haven’t played around with wire and hammering for several years, and had an itch to get out the steel block and hammer and pound some wire! Inspired by a good long (too long) browse through Pinterest, I found several different earrings and pendants with flat hammered ends. I had the idea to incorporate that technique in these hammered wire earrings with a drop.

Finished Hammered Earrings

A faceted briolette stone makes a pretty drop. Starting with 9″ lengths of 20-gauge silver wire, I folded wire around the hammer’s handle to form the curve. Then I made right angles about 1-1/4″ in from the end of the wires, and folded the ends out.

I cut about 9″ of the wrapping wired and began wrapping the flat edges together, to hold it together. A long edge looped through the stone and back up, wrapping the flat edges, secures the stone.

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I added a loop on top and the earring hook!

Then, I went to town pounding the ends until they were flat. I did a little hammering on the loop, only to give it a little flatness and some strength.

The finished hammered wire earrings are about 3-1/2″ long, and fun for when you want to wear a big earring!

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