Halloween Tree Spiders

Halloween Tree Spiders

Halloween Tree Spiders

Scare the pumpkins out of your Trick-or-Treaters with these terrifying Halloween scary tree spiders.

They are simple to make and the materials are inexpensive. The more you make and hang from the branches of your trees the scarier the look.

Materials need to make the scary tree spiders:

  • Two Different sized Styrofoam balls – small for the head – large for the body
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Small black pipe cleaners for the legs
  • Thin black ribbon for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Halloween Tree Spiders

The finished spider



  1. Arrange Styrofoam balls onto an old sheet or drop cloth.
  2. Paint as much of each Styrofoam ball as possible and let dry.
  3. Turn the balls over and paint remaining areas.
  4. Let dry.


Halloween Tree Spiders

Close up of the scary tree spider legs

Now, add legs to the spider tree spiders!

  1. Cut pipe cleaners into 3’s.
  2. Stick 4 pieces of pipe cleaners into each side of the large balls and slightly bend the bottom to create a leg.
  3. Glue the smaller balls onto the large ball to form the head and let dry.
Halloween Tree Spiders

Here are the scary tree spiders on the tree, ready to scare trick-or-treaters!

Now, hang the scary tree spiders right so all of the trick-or-treaters will be frightened to get your treats!

  1. Cut about 12 inches of the sting and tie one end around the “neck” of the spider.
  2. Hang in your trees so that the spiders hit the top of the heads of your Trick-or-Treaters.
  3. Hang at different lengths.
  4. Hope for a windy evening on Halloween, so the scary tree spiders are swinging and moving to scare the Dickens out of the trick-or treaters!


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