Halloween Treat Bowl Trio

Halloween Bowl Trio

Halloween Treat Bowl Trio

As I was browsing the local dollar store for Halloween items, I was inspired to make some treat-or-treat bowls. Since they were only $1, I bought three! Here is how I made my Halloween Treat Bowl Trio! For all of these projects, I used acrylic paints that were given to me by DecoArt Paint.

Halloween Bowl Trio

The first one I made was the pumpkin bowl. I saw a stack of plastic bowls in different colors and thought the shape looked like a pumpkin, with a little paint. I started by using a green paint to emphasize the lines on the sides of the pumpkin. Then I used a piece of charcoal to roughly mark the eyes, nose and mouth. By using charcoal, you can rough it in, and when the paint is dry it just washes right off! It’s a great way to see what you like before you paint.

Pumpkin Halloween Bowl

When the paint was dry, I glued some googly eyes for eyeballs!

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Striped Halloween Treat Bowl

The other two bowls start with a clear serving bowl. I painted one with polka dots, and the other with stripes. Remember that the paint first layered on the outside is the one that you will see first from the inside. Some very expensive bowls in a home dec boutique inspired these knock-off bowls. The boutique bowls were plastic, too, but they were orange on the inside and matte black on the outside. As I was about to start painting, I thought I could do some patterns — and I love the finished bowls! I started with the lime green on both bowls, and then added purple.

Turn the bowl upside down on a surface that can get paint drippings. All of the paint is on the outside of the bowl, so you can use and clean the bowl without worrying about the paint. I started with one color, which is the first layer of paint that you see inside of the bowl. Then I layered other colors for the pattern. I let each layer dry before adding the next layer.

Striped and polka dot Halloween treat bowls

Then I took the bowls outside and first spray painted them with orange, then matte black and then finished with one of the spray paints that has texture.

Now I’ve got three great Halloween treat bowls for trick-or-treaters and Halloween parties!

Close up of striped and polka dot Halloween Treat Bowls
Close up of polka dot Halloween Treat Bowl

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