Halloween Dollar Store Wreath

Close up of the Halloween Dollar Store Wreath

Halloween Dollar Store Wreath

Halloween Dollar Store Wreath with purple door trim

Decorate your front door from the dollar store!  I had a big grapevine wreath in my collection. With a trip to the dollar store I have all I need to make a new Halloween Dollar Store Wreath!

Wrap the wreath in themed ribbon- mine is pumpkins on a black background.

Next wrap the wreath with some store bought spider webbing- I chose purple, but you could pick black or orange.

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Work in some fall floral picks and add a big bow!  My bow has a base of the black with pumpkins, topped with orange and burlap chevron, topped with sparkles green.

I like to use contrasting colors that show up on my black front door.  Pull the webbing across the wreath and tuck in the other side to make a big spider web and then hang that glitter spider! I hung the wreath and it needed something more. Pipe cleaners to the rescue!  I added some spikes in the bow and on top of the floral picks. The last step was to add more spider webbing over the door.  It sticks to anything rough so no need for special fasteners!

A new wreath that used some things I had around the house and $5.00 of new supplies gave us a a quick afternoon project and a festive new front door look!  A little spooky but not scary! Just right for Halloween fun! Here is my finished Halloween Dollar Store Wreath.

Close up of the Halloween Dollar Store Wreath

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