Halloween Costumes You Can Make

Crazy Cat Lady

Halloween Costumes You Can Make

Are you ready to get your Halloween on with Halloween Costumes You Can Make? Whether you like to keep it simple or go all-out with intricate details, there are a lot of ideas out there. We’ve pulled together some of our favorites from trending and popular categories – some are classics, while others are hot in-the-moment trends. And there’s something for everyone – from the youngest of the young to those who have celebrated many, many Halloweens.

Crazy Cat Lady

Who doesn’t recognize the Crazy Cat Lady? She can be any age, and the costume can be pulled off with just a few props – bathrobe, slippers, hair curlers and plush kitties. Here’s an incredibly adorable Crazy Cat Child along with a grown-up version:

Crazy Cat Lady adult costume idea

As with any life-long skill, it’s important to start training early, and babies and toddlers have their own special costume considerations. Babies and newborns will be cute no matter what.  But if a stroller or car seat will be part of the total look, these clever ideas are awesome!

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Stroller costume ideas

Night owl fans of Carpool Karaoke can set this up with cardboard and paint:

Carpool Karaoke costume idea

Sure, you can buy a kid’s costume at a party or discount store, but where’s the fun in that? If you live in a Carnival-celebrating locale, costumes have two seasons – Halloween and Mardi Gras! Be prepared! 

In Sewing Dress-Up for Kids, Emma Hardy shows you how to get 35 very different costumes from basic, easy-to-sew silhouettes. Unlike party store costumes, you will make these from sturdy materials. They will last to enhance dress-up play long after the featured holiday or event. From princess to superhero, pirate to nurse, animals to fairy tale characters, the book includes two pull-out sheets with all the full-size patterns you will need, and there’s a techniques section so you can brush up on your sewing skills.

35 cute and easy costumes for kids

JasonW used tiger make up for his Shere Khan Tiger Costume. He’s wearing a hood he helped create, that was used for Shere Khan in a production of The Jungle Book. The make-up is a stylized representation of a tiger’s face, intended to make his mouth look slightely muzzle-esque. He applied the make-up himself.

Shere Khan Tiger Costume and face painting

Look here for more quick and easy costumes that are sure to be conversation starters.

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