Funky Footwear for Halloween

Funky Footwear for Halloween

Funky Footwear for Halloween

We put a lot of time and effort into Halloween costumes – from getting the hair just right to the perfect mask or makeup to the most awesome clothes and accessories. But, if you want to be one with your character from head to toe, you can’t forget the feet! Keeping footwear in character can be a challenge, but there are lots of ways to make it happen! Some are very easy (start with an empty tissue box), and others are more complex (build animal feet for fursuits). But all add the perfect finish for a head-to-toe character transformation! What funky footwear will you design for your costume?

Hand painted shoes

The first thing you need to get started with these hand-painted shoes is a blank canvas – plain canvas shoes! Sketch your designs with watercolor pencil or chalk, then fill in the details with acrylic paint, available in a gazillion colors. All Day Chic recommends finishing with a coat of Mod Podge so you can protect your masterpiece.

Easy witch shoes

A witch costume is a Halloween classic, and now you can make Easy Witch Shoes to complete your look. You can start with old shoes – because you’re going to cover them according to the step-by-step instructions provided by Brit + Co. The shoes you start with don’t need pointy toes – you will learn how to build the shape onto any shoe!

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Cinderella shoes

For your Cinderella princess, Cinderella Movie Shoes are the perfect Halloween accessory, plus they are fun for everyday dress-up. Follow Barefoot by the Sea’s inspiration and then transform an inexpensive pair of shiny shoes into footwear to dazzle at the ball. The most complicated skill is operating a hot glue gun!

Funky Footwear for Halloween

Yep, duct tape boots. How did we survive Halloween B.D.T. (before duct tape)? Brown Paper Packages builds these boots on simple ballet flats and knee socks. Duct tape comes in many colors and patterns, so you have lots of creative options!

Skeleton shoes

These Skeleton Shoes began as plain canvas shoes from the thrift store. But with a little black craft paint and textile medium, Corvus Tristis created detailed skeleton feet for a Halloween costume.

Flying wing shoes

Are your little ones into My Little Pony? Here’s a way to transform any laced shoe into Flying Pony Shoe Wings. The lovely part of this technique from Craftaholics Anonymous is that the wings are accessories you can add or remove from the shoes at will. So the pony wings do not permanently alter the shoes!

Furry animal feet

Whether you’re fursuiting for Halloween or a convention, you can’t throw on just any pair of sneakers. Your feet must fit your character, and you can see how animal feet are made on Live Journal. Construction is more complex, hence, the detailed result. but if you want realistic-looking animal feet to complete your costume, you’ll want to explore these instructions. They start with a pair of Crocs – how fun is that?

Glitter Toms

Need to add sparkle to your footwear? Check out Glitter Toms! Lil Blue Boo shows you how to take an old pair of cloth shoes and turn them into a shiny sensation with Mod Podge and glitter.

Super Hero Boots

Again, duct tape to the rescue! Custom fit Superhero Boots are made to fit the wearer perfectly. Mashable adds design details with additional colors of duct tape to be true to an existing character or to create a new one.

Pointy toe witch shoes

Here’s another version of the Pointy-Toed Witch Shoe from Halloween Tutu. A witch in Where the Wild Things Are wore shoes like this. Paper mache can be messy, but it’s lots of fun and you can build just about any shape.

Quilted wing shoes

Need winged shoes to portray a mythical character? Make some Quilted Wings to make plain shoes soar! This project from My Poppet requires some sewing skills, but it’s a fun way to use up fabric from your stash. Make wings for everyone!

Funky frog shoes

Dinosaurs never go out of style, and this is a fun recycling project that can get kids involved with making their costumes. Dinosaur Feet start with empty tissue boxes. Frugal Fun 4 Boys & Girls list all the supplies and instruction you need to make these fun dinosaur feet!

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