Family-Friendly Group Costumes for Halloween

Mission to Mars family costume idea

Family-Friendly Group Costumes for Halloween

Does your whole family dress up for Halloween? It’s fun to pick a theme and give each family member a role to play! Here are a few ideas (with instructions!) for Family-Friendly Group Costumes for Halloween.

Cavemen family group costumes

This caveman family of costumes from Andrea’s Notebook is great for changeable weather conditions – everyone can layer up if needed for cold weather! The loose-fitting faux fur tunics are easy to make with basic sewing skills.

Russian stacking dolls family halloween costume idea

Home Made Mimi started with 5 yards of felt and made a whole family of Matryoshka Russian nesting doll costumes with enough left over to make matching trick-or-treat bags! The sewing is easy, and these costumes are another good option if you need to wear warm layers under the cute stuff. The decorations are stitched on, but you could glue them – just don’t use a water-soluble glue if you expect rainy weather!

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Care bear family costume idea

Do the Littles get tired going from door to door? See Vanessa Craft’s No-Sew Care Bear family includes a cloud costume for the little red wagon! It can haul kids or candy! And if the kids are riding, they can’t dash out into the street. Looks like a sweet ride to me!

Mission to Mars family costume idea

Get ready for your mission to Mars with spray paint and duct tape! These space family costumes from Tell Love & Party are not last-minute throw-togethers, but they are pretty easy to construct. Just allow plenty of time to go through all the steps.

Monster family costume idea

A monster family is about as classic as it comes for Halloween, and Tell Love & Party shows you how to make costumes for dad, mom and kid monsters. The instructions are all here for all four characters. And how cute is that baby bat?

Here’s a video that details how to make the mummy costume.

Make-up is important for these characters, and there is a video lesson for the Bride of Frankenstein make-up, too.

Smore's family costume idea

Sweet and simple! Packing boxes, paint and pillows have this family ready to become S’mores! (Mom must be the other graham cracker, but she’s busy with the camera.) This cute idea is from Movers Who Blog, and they tell you exactly what size boxes work best. A sweet group hug in the making![spacer height=”20px”]

What Family-Friendly Group Costumes for Halloween will you be making? Browse through more Halloween inspiration and projects on Create Whimsy.

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