Easy Travel Kit

Finished Easy Travel Kit

Easy Travel Kit

We love to travel. There are so many expensive options to buy to organize your personal care items, and they are never quite right. I made custom travel kits for what we bring along on our trips.  This is truly an easy travel kit! And, inexpensive, but has everything you need!

Yes, it required a trip to the local dollar store for supplies! If you follow my projects, I love to see what cool things I can make with items from the dollar store.

Start with a kitchen towel, for $1.

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Easy Travel Kit - start with a kitchen towel from the dollar store

Fold up about 1/3 of the length of the towel. This will form the pockets for your stuff. Sew along one edge to the end of the fold.

Fold up about 1/3 of the length of the towel and sew along the edges.

On the other edge, slip a piece of pretty ribbon about 20″ long in the edge seam about 1″ from the top of the pocket. This makes the first of the ties to roll up the easy travel kit.

On the other side, slip in a 20" length of coordinating ribbon

Place the items you will be traveling with in the big pocket you have formed and pin where you want to sew smaller pockets. This is where you can customize based on what YOU use when you travel. Need a bigger pocket for your favorite lotion bottle? No problem. Small pockets for toothbrushes. This is truly made for YOU.

Note: This is for car trips, not TSA approved for carrying liquids and lotions. They need to be in the 1 quart zip lock baggie for traveling.

Lay out the items you want to take with you and mark where you'll sew to make little pockets.

Sew along each of those pinned lines to form smaller pockets for your things.

Turn the towel over, and about 6″ from the first tie, top stitch the 2nd tie, making sure that it is just above the pockets, so you aren’t sewing a pocket closed.

Top stitch another ribbon length on the outside edge to be able to roll and tie the bundle closed.

And, you’re done! Place your items in the pockets, and begin rolling at the end without the tie in the seam.

All done and filled with items for your trip!

When it is all rolled up, tie the ends and your ready for a trip!

See how the ribbons line up to tie together?

The finished personal care travel roll made from a $1 kitchen towel! The nice part is you can actually use it as a towel, too!

Finished Easy Travel Kit

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