Easy Personalized Mug

Finished stenciled glass mug

Easy Personalized Mug

I enjoy giving personalized gifts that are from the heart, that I’ve made. If you follow my projects on Create Whimsy, you know that I love to find cool things at the local dollar store, and make ’em mine. Here is how to make an easy personalized mug!

Today I found these cool big glass mugs at my dollar store, and knew I needed to buy a few to do some projects.

On this mug, I used some sticky templates to write Janet’s name and put a heart — to make it special. And, yes, the sticky templates were $1, from the dollar store, too!

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Use some acrylic craft paint and fill in the templates and let it dry overnight.

Stencils, paints, brush and mug ready for painting!

Carefully peel off the sticker templates and you’ve got a personalized mug for a wonderful gift! I hope she likes it! Here is the finished personalized mug for Janet.

Finished stenciled glass mug

There are so many ideas for these big glass mugs! Paint flowers, stripes, polka dots or get fancy if you are a good painter and paint a scene or animal that the recipient loves. These mugs are really big, and hold a lot of coffee! You never quite know what you’ll find on a trip to the local dollar store! Unfortunately, when I find something like this big mug, I tend to always buy more than one . . . I don’t know if I’ll find them again and, hey, it’s only $1!

What are your ideas to make from your finds from your local dollar store? I’d love to hear – leave in the comments below. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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