Easy Knitted Winter Hat with Pouf

Easy Winter Hat with Pouf -- ready to ski!

Easy Knitted Winter Hat with Pouf

I looked up a few easy hat patterns until I found one I liked, then created my own pattern for an easy knitted winter hat with pouf!  Love the pouf! I’ve made a few hats now, and I’ve discovered the most important thing is to find a yarn your crazy about, then make sure you have the right size needles to complete your creation.

Using 10mm wooden knitting needles on the round, cast on 48-56 stitches (depending on the head-size you’re seeking to cover). The stitches will need to be even, as the first five rounds are knit-pearl-knit-pearl.

After completing five rounds, move only to a knit pattern.

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Measuring as you go, start merging stitches once you have 3-4″ of hat created. I like to merge 1 then knit 6 as I move around. Really I don’t keep a good eye on it and hope to get a better idea as I create more of these, but knitting should be relaxing, and if you mess up just pull out and start over!

Keep reducing until you get to the top of the hat.

Close up of the winter knitted hat with the big pouf

Make a pouf for the top of you new knitted hat with the left over yarn. It’s easy to make a pom pom. Find something to wrap the yard around – a note card, small box, whatever. Wrap the yard around until either you run out of yarn, or you think it will be full enough. Save a little yarn to tie it off, and to attach it to your hat. Slip a piece of yarn about 12″ long inside the looped yarn and tie a knot. Then pull the bundle of yarn (that is tied) off the card or box. Take your scissors and cut through all of the loops, opposite where it is tied off. And, you have a pom pom or pouf! Sew it to the crown of your knitted hat.

This entire look took only a few hours. I’m ready in my new easy knitted hat with a pouf, and my tutu, to attack the slopes!

Easy Winter Hat with Pouf -- ready to ski!

Guest post by Kristina: “I live in Seattle and like to craft in the winter months. Mostly I paint and knit, and recently I’ve delved into knitting hats!”

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