Ducky Desk Friend

Ducky Desk Friend

Ducky Desk Friend

Finished Ducky Desk Friend

This little duck desk mate came about from three different inspirations and is now Ducky Desk Friend!

  1. In Grad School, we would get frustrated with faculty and B.S. that we saw around us. One night a couple friends of mine and I started plotting pranks that we never actually did, but we laughed talking about them. One was to release three live ducks into the building; each labeled 1, 2, and 4 respectfully. The idea was to see how long it would take our professors to realize there was no Duck #3.
  2. Also, in Grad School there was a very, very long and winding hallway. A friend had a desk in his studio that faced the door and the longest/straightest stretch of hallway. On a particularly frustrating day, he was having a rough time dealing with the stress (I feel like finals were looming) and I asked him to close his eyes and imagine a duck waddling. He smiled. Then I said, “okay, when you open your eyes, see that waddling duck walking down that hallway.” And that became one of our stress relievers, because who can’t smile when seeing a duck waddle?
  3. Many months later I was working a job where one of my coworkers was increasingly difficult. Just didn’t listen, did her own thing, and was just rude. I was stationed in a room with a window where I could watch her. (Just the job, not something creepy.) One morning I was volunteering in a kids ceramics class and they were making birds. I knew I had to go and deal with this difficult person later, so my bird became a duck. And my little duck, whom I named Drake Mallard (after Darkwing Duck), came with me that night and as my coworker pranced around I would make Drake chase her around from my window perch. What ever gets you though the day, right?

So, Drake is a just a couple of pinch pots. He was fully formed rather quickly, but his feathers took time. I applied layers and layers of small, short strokes of colorful under-glazes. This gave a great amount of depth to his coloring than had I just painted him brown. A big number 3 is in bright purple on his chest.

Drake sits on my desk now as a reminder to smile and that I can release my frustrations in ways that don’t affect my job performance or someone else. He’s my little desk hero.

Close up Ducky Desk Friend

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