Coned Figure Sculpture

Coned figure sculpture

Coned Figure Sculpture

When I was working in a youth ceramics class, the fun bonus was that I could occasionally make the projects, too. This Coned Figure Sculpture piece was inspired by Black History Month and the instructor’s own series of figures based on famous women in history.

Terracotta, colored slips, and stain.

Finished coned figure sculpture

The form was made by using a Styrofoam cone shape that had been covered first in shrink wrap and then newspaper. I then wrapped a slab of clay around the form and built up from there. I hand did the details, including hair, arms and clothes on this sculpture. The face details were fun to try, since this was my first sculpture work.

back of the coned figure sculpture

Rear view, the bow on her hair is fabric ribbon, and the one on her apron I manipulated from the clay. You can see the details I did with her hair. The cone removed very easily once the piece became leather hard. Some of the news paper stayed stuck on the inside, but burned out in the firing.
Side and top view

Close up

I don’t generally do a lot of figure work; she is my first and stands a little more than a foot tall. My Coned Figure Sculpture!

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