5 Reasons Why Crafting with Your Children is Bonding

Crafting with your Children: Glitter Mosaic Birdhouse

5 Reasons Why Crafting with Your Children is Bonding

Create Whimsy believes in everyday creativity, for you and for your families. We are pleased to share this guest post from Jennifer O’Shea of Teach.Workout.Love with 5 Reasons Why Crafting with Your Children is Bonding.

Spending time with your children is not always easy for busy parents, especially working moms. When everyone comes home tired, they hope to just play and eat some dinner. Most families don’t get time to spend together during the week. Then on the weekend, everyone wants to relax by watching television. Sometimes watching a movie can be family bonding time, but there is no actual bonding going on!

Bonding happens with the whole family together. Everyone has their undivided attention without distractions of television, toys, phones, computers, video games, etc. Family bonding time once or twice a week is a crucial part of your life and your children’s as well.

Crafting helps as a fun activity that everyone can work on together to make something out of paper, clay, beads, glue, tape, etc. Toyzor, an online shop great for working moms, provides easy craft kits for families that they can complete in the comfort of their own homes. Families gather together and create something to showcase in the living room or dining room for everyone to see.

For great family bonding time, try crafting! Check out these five reasons why crafting with your children is bonding:

  1. Creative sides come out. Being able to allow creative ideas to come out when working together with your children and see what they come up with will empower them to want to be more creative. Talking about different creative ways to put crafting kits together and listening to what they are saying is a great way to bond together and learn a lot more about your children.
  2. Teaching manners and how to take turns. Taking turns and using manners are two crucial skills that children need to learn for the social world outside of the comfort of their home. Parents especially should be teaching them these skills and crafting together causes times when children need to wait their turn or they need to ask you to “please pass the glue”. These lessons are so important in your child’s life and crafting reinforces these social skills.
  3. Everyone can be involved. This should be a fun family event, maybe even make a night out of it! Creating a special bonding time with the family helps give a routine and an enjoyable time that children know they are going to be spending with their parents. Everyone can take turns and can have a role – whether it be one-person glues, one cuts, one colors – etc. That also goes with number two and can reiterate how important it is to include everyone in their play.
  4. Everyone is having fun. This is not the time to become the Crafting Queen and remember, this is not being submitted for the Crafting Award of the Year. What that means is, this does not have to be perfect. There should be no tears in this fun, enjoyable project. If glue spills, it’s okay! Or someone cuts something in error, no worries! Make it work! Improvise – remember, the importance of the crafting event is to spend time together as a family.
  5. Practicing working together. Showing your children that your family works as a team demonstrates cooperation and they will use this effort when playing with other children. It is a great mindset for them to have when learning to play on a team for sports or school.

So many social skills that children need in school are things they can learn through crafting with the family! Spending time together as a family can help your children in so many ways, along with the five listed above.

Looking for a quick project that doesn’t require you to pull out all of the craft supplies? Here are some great kits that families can purchase for crafting times.

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