Embroidery stitches, made by hand or by machine, add a dimensional  and embellishment layer to wool cotton, silk, and more.

Browse through some of our spotlight interviews with amazing hand embroidery artists like Janet Clare and Lynn Krawczyk, or check out the great embroidery patterns from Kathy Schmitz.

Hollis Chatelain takes machine embroidery to an entirely new level.

We also offer tutorials with examples of a large variety of embroidery stitches.


Deborah Boschert combines fabric, paint and stitch to create art quilts with movement, color and texture. Her unique style comes from the freedom of a self-taught artist to test boundaries...

Try to keep up now, y'all! Lynn Krawczyk's artistic energy will make your head spin! With a fearless approach to a blank canvas, she is a fiber artist who works...