Art Quilts

Art Quilts

Art quilts are made with 3 layers of fiber, creating art for the wall using textiles, stitches and surface design – not your grandmother’s quilt, unless Granny is an artist!

Sometime referred to as art quilting, art quilts are an art form that uses traditional and modern quilt techniques to make art. Art quilts can be whole cloth and use the stitching line to create the art, or use multiple fabrics, surface design and embellishments to create art.

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Marilyn Lone translates the world around her in her art quilts. Her work is brave and bold, making effective use of color and value to communicate her artistic vision. Marilyn...

With roots in Brazil and at home in Canada, Ana Paula Brasil creates exuberant fiber art full of color and personality. Her art quilts, often created in series, convey stories...